Hey there,

First off, thank you for visiting my blog page. As a recent gradate of McEwan University’s Bachelor of Communications Studies program, I am ecstatic to share my passion of writing with you.

Here, you’ll read about many compelling topics of interest including political and global affairs, communications, law and justice, along with my adventures with entering into the world of law school. I like to think Elle Woods is my spirit animal from time to time. If she can complete a Harvard Law degree, I can definetley begin my Juris Doctor with less butterflies than anticipated right?

You’ll also notice I’m slightly a crazy cat lady and as a vegan, I’m an animal lover and a huge supporter of animal rights across the globe. I’m a busy lady, and the occasional five or more cups of coffee a day keeps me on the go.

To hear more and to keep updated in my endless ambitions of becoming a criminal lawyer and trying to save furry friends with tails on the side — keep reading!


Amanda Seymour-Skiner

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