Australian Summer 2018

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted an update, so I thought I’d let you know how life down under and law school is going.

I’m officially more than half way done my Juris Doctor degree. It feels like yesterday was orientation and I was still getting stuck on figuring out the transit schedule and dealing with pre-law school nerves.

Currently in my fourth semester, I can say I feel relaxed, still motivated and ready to complete this degree and head to work in just under 9.5 months (not that I’m counting down). Staying in a full-time student life and mindset from my bachelors to my J.D. degree with only 8 months as a break from studies was a difficult choice, but necessary to keep me on my toes, still intrigued in university study and it helped a lot in only having to make two student loan payments and then heading back into full-time studies.

As for short-term future plans, currently I’m taking four subjects including my first elective, Rural and Regional Legal Practice. I’m genuinely interested in learning about legal problems that rural communities face, the access to legal representation and advice in these communities, and learning more about Australian life in these remote areas. Learning about these areas and the types of problems rural and regional communities experience in similarity to rural places in Canada has opened up my mind to the possibility of trying to obtain more rural work when I return to Canada at the end of the year. I will definetly be applying to more than just metropolitan and urban city centres after completing this subject and learning about the vast range of legal problems these communities encounter, and hopefully I can help resolve these types of issues in my future legal practice.

As for “fun” during law school, I find myself mainly networking and building up my resumé during my free time. I am currently the President of the Bond Yoga Club and I volunteered at the Bond Law Commercial Law clinic last semester as a Digital Administrator, and I am currently finishing up a project with the clinic this month. [I will be posting another blog shortly on my experience in finding work experience(s) in the legal sector in southeast Queensland –  because there’s a lot to my personal experiences in chasing after these placements.]

This is my second Australian summer and all I can say is where is the snow?!! In all seriousness, it’s beautiful here but it’s incredibly hot. This week particularly its been 33 degrees celsius and hotter with the humidity. I still find it weird to have such hot temperature in traditionally the coldest part of winter in Canada. On the plus side, the water temperature is perfect for catching a dip in the ocean after studying on the weekend or taking beach walks at mine and Mitchell’s favourite beach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this catch up and the pictures posted below to show my adventures while completing my law degree!

Till the next post,




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