Update: “Fall” 2017

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Hi there,

It’s officially fall in Australia. The nights are starting to get colder and the days a bit shorter. My first semester of law school at Bond University is over and only 5 more semesters to go.

A few things to say:

I love law school. It’s by far more difficult than my undergrad, but it’s amazing how much I feel in place at school. I love learning the law, reading new cases, questioning everything and anything. I’ve asked myself “why” so many times reading material for tort and contract law. I’m excited to keep this mindset going in my next sem.

This semester I have Criminal Law & Procedures A, Law of Obligations, Law of Civil Remedies and Property Law. A big and busy semester ahead, but I couldn’t be happier.

Over break I’ve been exploring some places around the Gold Coast and really making myself comfortable here. Only 580ish days until I return to Canada, so I’m making the most of my time down under!

Next break I plan on traveling a bit more. I’m intrigued by NSW and plan on finally completing some of my travel goals I’ve been pinteresting over the past few months.

As for home, Gold Coast is beautiful, vibrant and always busy. If you make a visit, make sure to check out Feed the Earthlings restaurant in Burleigh and the Cat Cafe in Surfers Paradise. George the cat is a sweetheart.

That’s all for now. Enjoys the pictures and until next time!

Cheers from Oz


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