So this is Australia

Its been a little over five months since I embarked on a plane to travel to Australia. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Or studying, probably more on the studying side but that can be fun too, right?

Law school, week nine – it’s crazy to think I’m over half way done my first semester of law school. It feels like yesterday I was picking out my orientation outfit and trying to get all my books to fit in my backpack..

Australia has been amazing and I’m so grateful to have this incredible opportunity and to study a subject I’m so passionate about. As a child I only dreamed of this. I always hoped and believed I would get to this point where I was in Torts and Contracts lectures learning about the structure, judgements and even finding out as a law student you can have a favourite or preferred judge. This still amazes me.

I’m learning so much and I’m in the midst of assignment writing. Not too many big adventures or road trips planned yet – although I’m sure on the break I’ll be traveling to some cool places with Mitchell.

Enjoy the pictures of my travels and memories so far down under & be sure to check back in a few weeks for an update!

Cheers from Australia!





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