With reflection I have no regrets

Usually at this point in the summer, most people have too much time on their hands. Beautiful weather, sunny skies and plenty of events circling around our province. But I find myself with not too much time on my hands, rather in my mind.

I’m an avid day dreamer. Everyone knows this. Within the first week of meeting me, you’ll wonder if I’m simply starring at you blankly for five minutes or if I’m sleeping with my eyes open. Sorry to tell you it’s neither. I’m a day dreamer. I like to organize my thoughts, memories and future outings in my mind. Mostly, I find what I am day dreaming about has occurred in the last year or will (maybe) occur in the next five years.

I have thought many times about how things could have turned out differently in situations I’ve been faced with in the last year. From moving to my first “big” city, Edmonton (and yes to me it’s a GIANT city). Starting at another new university and studying something completely different, something I never dreamed of studying. Literally.

I now find myself in a predicament – with one more semester completed, I will be half way through my first degree. This is a scary, intimidating, and an outright crazy thought. As I really don’t know what’s next. This is where day dreaming plays a huge role in my life.

Being able to focus on one thought, with pictures vividly circling through my mind. Mostly of what could be. The “what if’s” are endless. Trying to picture where life will take me next. Where I will focus my studies with this degree.

On the other side, this works both ways as I can day dream about the past. What I have studied, learned, and gained through out the past year. The knowledge, endless lectures, writing papers for an eternity and making the most incredible friendships. These past facts will play a role in how I day dream about the present and future.

Now, it’s mostly up to my fingertips and mind to dream up a plan for where these words and dreams will take me.


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