Thank You Twitter

I am an avid Twitter lover. I have two accounts and spend many of my free moments keeping up with this social media outlet. A prime example of how effective and timely social media can benefit one, would be Monday night for myself. I checked my twitter account and as I was looking through some posts, I found a particular one from CTV Edmonton that caught my eye .

ctv edmonton twitter post


I was so happy I seen this post. Because of  social media, I was able to attend this political announcement. In which, this experience was an incredible one. The event finished by going to the LRT platform at Churchill Square, and introducing my self to Premier Redford. I had the opportunity, to introduce myself, have a great conversation and get some photos taken with her.

Politics is heavily involved in social media. Alison Redford’s social media and communications team was very present during this announcement, where they took many photo’s including some of Edmontonians with the Premier. Again, twitter has been an excellent resource, as I found this photo on Alberta PremierComms twitter page.


This social media outlet is incredibly timely and constant. As I ended up standing in the area with many media stations at this event, checking my twitter, posts were being made about comments Redford made only a few minutes before. Even more timely, photographs taken, where practically uploaded immediately. Being surrounded and viewing journalists so closely and who were under pressure was pretty fascinating. These people who work for newscasts, rely on social media so heavily. It was pretty cool to see Twitter posts being made tonight by CTV and GlobalTV journalists, about Redford’s announcement, knowing that I was present while they were taking notes and filming the speakers.

Seeing how politicians speak in public forums and announcements, which are then recorded by journalists, to then be displayed on social media – its quite the impressive process. My experience of this political announcement was by far a educational and enriching one. It started with a twitter post and ended that way too.



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