Endless Opportunities For Nonprofits

Online mediums have provided numerous opportunities for nonprofit organizations. There are many benefits for nonprofit organizations to use social media as a resource. An article by about.comMoney Marketing suggests there are “five main benefits nonprofits gain from using social media including: aide with funding, involvement with stockholders, establishing relations, videos as leverage and surveys/polls.”  These benefits are essential for a successful non profit in today’s market.

Many nonprofits use social media to gain donations, some in which I have participated in supporting. Twitter and Facebook are excellent outlets to use for this tactic to gain funds and to get a certain cause or event to be shared fast and efficiently. This is especially an easy function with online banking being such an essential resource for many. This makes it easy to donate online, additionally our computers can keep our credit card information stored so you don’t have re-enter it every time you use it. Further, another benefit nonprofits can use social media for is to share videos, polls and pictures to help support their cause. Nonprofits can share these features many times to help gain supports on a multitude of social media outlets.

Social Media Examiner suggests that nonprofits can “evangelize your organization’s mission with an interactive presentation” to help support your cause. As many may remember “KONY 2012” had a widespread video, which had everyone taking, along with actions made. Another great point made by Social media Examiner is to “turn Facebook into a fundraising hub.” I personally have done this to gain donations for the “Rely for Life” last year. I watched my friends  and I gain hundreds of dollars from Facebook friend donations alone.

“The Non Profit Times” raises a great point in which you can find out about what people in your community, supporters and volunteers are saying about your nonprofit organization and cause. Hearing their opinions and suggestions can help you increase your funds and gain more supporters for you cause. Social media can have a huge impact on your organization and help increase awareness for your cause. Online mediums provide endless opportunities for nonprofit organizations.





Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58428285@N00/5481013929/in/photolist-9mkCua-9orFkt-9ot4jP-9ouGPf-9ow67d-9n1Vtx-9wNbzL-9wKcaT-9wNbtd-9wN9Td-9wKdpr-9wKdJr-9wKe3R-9wNbwh-9wNcuf-9wNaB7-9wNaYf-9wNd53-9wKeN2-9wHB7M-9wKeZn-9wNbVh-9wKepg-9wKf34-9wKbdi-9wNdof-9wNbh7-9wNbH5-9wKcec-9wNdtY-9wNdKs-9wKea2-9wKffr-9wKb4B-9wNcT1-9wKe14-9wNb3m-9wNdau-9wNbDN-9wN9Zw-9wKeyp-9wKcDB-9wN9Wb-9wNauy-9wNdi3-9wKdC9wKf69wNbLh9wKdTg9wNd2Ablog pic


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