Positive Effects of Social Media

Organizations of all types are getting on board with using social media towards their advantage. Social media is so broad that companies can determine which website or function they are looking to best represent their company with. There are many positive effects from using social media. Social Media Today posted an interesting article on company benefits for using social media, these included: Brand Recognition, Community, Repeat Exposure, Influence, Staying Ahead, Competitive Advantage, and Big Wins.

Social media can help a new companies create a name and old company keep their reputation and customers when used effectively. In my opinion from these seven benefits community, repeat exposure and brand recognition are the largest targets a company would want to achieve when using social media. This will help the organization achieve the most loyal customers for your company, product/service and brand. Depending on which form of social media you’re using; this will change the outcome for your organization. No matter which social media outlet you choose, the amount of people who follow and like your activity, will affect your company’s outcome.

When using twitter, you want to gain followers to network with your organization. By using hashtags, as a significant step towards gaining more followers. Additionally check which hashtags are trending, and if applicable use them. When using Facebook, “friend” people you know and then you can search through “mutual friends” or  “find friends” to gain more connections. The information from using hashtags and following certain people or groups on Facebook can be vital to helping your company stay trending

Free Marketing – is another positive benefit of using social media for your company. An article published by “Small Businesses do it Better” states that “social media is the marketing strategy of the future. Whether you an owner of a big conglomerate or a small mom and pop company, your company can benefit from an active social media presence.” There are two valuable benefits when using social media to market your company, free advertising and exposing you company. Social media is a free resource, literally at the tips of your fingers. Organizations should invest time into exploring their options for using social media to it’s fullest potential.



The Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Your Company




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